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You’re amazing. You’ve done the hard yards and you’re ready

You’re ready to brand your new product, and you want to do it right


You can relax now, you’re in the right place

You know how important branding and positioning is to success
You’re worrying you’ll miss a step?

You’re struggling with the right process?
It’s all becoming a bit too much.

You’re thinking so much your product launch has ground to a halt, you’re paralysed by the overwhelming number of decisions. 

Sound familiar?


I’ve got you because I know you

You want a clear plan to brand your business

You want to brand your product for maximum effect
You want to feel secure, knowing you followed a roadmap, leaving no rock unrolled
You want to feel confident, stand out and thrive
You’re ready to take this to the next level

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Life Long Learner

Brene Brown Leadership Training

Ogilvy Consulting Behavioral Economics

Cannes Lions Behavioral Science for Brands

Master of Behavioural Science in Advertising


Hi, I’m Lisa

I’m a curious creative with over 30 years of experience in branding and design, helping people just like you: entrepreneurs, scientific thinkers and innovators.

I specialize in bringing physical products to market.

Using principles of behavioural science, consumer psychology and creativity we’ll develop your business and product branding so:

  • you’re confident in your life and business
  • you follow a clear branding and launch plan
  • you get to market faster, with expert guidance
  • your product positioning means you’re selling to the right customers

If you struggle to get traction in the business world, I’m in your corner. Shift your thinking and together we’ll solve big picture problems.

It’s time for you to gain clarity so you can start making positive impacts on your business and life.

Curiosity is essential


Futur Pro





I've been trusted to work on some of the world's biggest brands and privileged to mentor international leaders in branding and confidence

Scouts Queensland

Creativity, innovation and leadership has never been more important and it’s never been more overwhelming.

Our basic instinct to create and adapt is being stifled by our limiting beliefs about success, self-promotion and imposter syndrome.

You can overcome it

Take Action

If you’re wondering why you can’t make more progress with your business idea or doubting your ability to achieve success, you can continue thinking the same things, adopting the same approach and getting the same outcomes.

Get in touch and we can arrange to book a 15-minute free consultation to chat about your business and product branding. Let’s activate alchemy together.

Always kind and curious



Kind words

Confident, engaging and affable speaker

Lisa Galea is not only our design expert in the Digital Masterchefs but my go to human on branding, fonts colour and general design psychology.

She has run several excellent workshops for my memberships and is a confident, engaging and affable speaker.

She also offers one on one brand strategy support to several of my peers and members.

Kate Toon

CEO, Stay Tooned

For me, she was a navigator…. helping me zoom out to see the big picture

Bo Green

Entrepreneur, @_bo_green

Curiosity Essential

Curious and looking for a place to thrive and connect with like-minded humans.

Get exclusive news, updates and early access as I keep you updated on what’s new in the world of creativity, the brain and the power of perception.

Always be kind and curious,

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