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The Futur Pro Group

The Futur Pro Group is a diverse community of creative entrepreneurs providing access to exclusive content, tools, and coaching to take your career or business to the next level. 

The group is a community-backed learning portal for creative entrepreneurs and service providers looking to take their business or career to the next level. Membership includes access to live group coaching and video archives from Chris Do and his team of subject-matter experts on topics such as sales, lead generation, brand strategy, social media growth, and more. 

Pro Group members also have opportunities to participate in community events, including virtual study halls, accountability partnerships, weekly networking events, and content creation challenges so they can take action and implement their learning with peers from across the globe.

Fast Facts

  • Membership Dues:
  • 150 USD (Monthly)
  • 1495 USD (Yearly)
  • Currently over 500 active members

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The Futur Pro Group

Futur Pro Workshop presented by Lisa Galea

The Power of Print : Media isn’t just Digital

Do you want to get your projects printed but not sure where to start? Physical products can have a massive impact on your brand and sales.

Social Media content has a very short lifespan, while print holds greater value and relevance over time.

In this workshop, you’ll get a step-by-step-guide:

  • to finding printers online
  • making cost-effective decisions
  • get confidence in creating print files

 And use them to build stronger brand connections and increase profits for you and your customers’ businesses. 

It has upset me that so many designers have so little knowledge of the printing process and the power it has to connect with your audience at a sensory level.
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I feel more confident with print

We were given the opportunity to ask all types of questions that she comfortably answered. After the workshop I feel more confident with print work and excited about implementing more of it in my business.

Natalia Vicencio

Brand & Packaging Design, Sydney, Design for Thought

I enjoyed every bit

I took this workshop to sharpen up my print production skills and to learn how to properly deliver files for print without being worried about the finished product. I was so happy with the content of the workshop, the resources and advice on how to guide clients through the process and how to really make impact with your client work.

Habibat Ore

Brand Identity Designer, Toronto

Confident and in control

My fear of printing and anxiety of what can go wrong has limited my design and creative decisions.

This workshop was so helpful! Lisa’s information and tools have helped me to be more confident and in control with my projects.

Layan Ibrahim

Designer, Saudi Arabia, Layan Ibrahim


Dare to lead training June 2020

Design Expert

Kate Toon’s Digital Masterchefs
The Futur Educator on Print

Educator, Working with Print

The Futur, Chris Do


Australian Awards alumni Mentor

Australian Awards Alumni

Female Initiative Mentor in Business & Leadership
AGDA Professional Member

International Business Awards

Marketing & Creative Awards Judging Committee

AGDA Professional Member

STEM - F1 in Schools

Regional Judge SE QLD, Marketing & Branding


Dare to lead training June 2020

National Brand Manager

RizeUp Australia


Behavioural Economics Master by Ogilvy Consulting

Behavioral Economics

Ogilvy Consulting

AGDA Professional Member

Professional Member

Australia Graphic Design Association


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