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Executive Leader: using creativity and behavioural science to help entrepreneurs in the STEM space build successful, sustainable, purpose driven businesses that create positive change within their own eco-systems and our shared planet.

Looking for guidance in your business or branding, or need some help to bring your idea to fruition? We should talk.

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We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

designer. Collaborator. speaker. Educator

How I help the curious, the creative, the innovative

Shift your thinking and we’ll solve big picture problems. It’s time for you to gain clarity so you can start making positive impacts on your business and life.  I specialise in neuroscience, design and marketing. I have spent years trying to understand the brain, why and how we do things. I believe we need to evolve with the digital age and still connect and collaborate in a physical world.

lisa galea coaching services.

ONE TO ONE Coaching

lisa galea coaching services.

Workshops & retreats

lisa galea coaching services.


group colaboration and creativity 


If your looking for a collaborative group coaching

group colaboration and creativity

Who am I?

Hi I’m Lisa, I help good humans think in new and different ways

Do you struggle with how to “fit in” in the business world?

Are you ready to change, but struggling to gain clarity on what change will look like?

Are you completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a voice of reason in your corner? Somebody who understands big picture thinking and helps you to start taking action? Somebody to give you clear direction as you navigate the path of change or innovation?

With a 30-year career in all things design, marketing and human behaviour, I’ve been lucky enough to see the inside workings of countless businesses, large and small, to know what works and what fails.

I’m in your corner.


Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone sees kindness and feels loved.  

always be kind and curious

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I’ve been trusted to work on some of the world’s biggest brands and privileged to mentor international leaders in branding and confidence

Scouts Queensland

 kind words

Confident, engaging and affable speaker

Lisa Galea is not only our design expert in the Digital Masterchefs but my go to human on branding, fonts colour and general design psychology.

She has run several excellent workshops for my memberships and is a confident, engaging and affable speaker.

She also offers one on one brand strategy support to several of my peers and members.

Kate Toon

CEO, Stay Tooned

For me, she was a navigator…. helping me zoom out to see the big picture

Bo Green

Entrepreneur, @_bo_green

You Are Marvellous

Join others as we share ideas and knowledge, a creative place where we will bend, break and blend existing beliefs and work patterns to create success in all areas of life.

Get exclusive news, updates and early access as I keep you updated on what's new in the world of creativity, the brain and the power of perception. 

Dare to lead training June 2020

Design Expert

Kate Toon's Digital Masterchefs
The Futur Educator on Print

Educator, Working with Print

The Futur, Chris Do
Australian Awards alumni Mentor

Australian Awards Alumni

Female Initiative Mentor in Business & Leadership
AGDA Professional Member

International Business Awards

AGDA Professional Member

STEM - F1 in Schools

Regional Judge SE QLD, Marketing & Branding
Dare to lead training June 2020

National Brand Manager

RizeUp Australia,
Behavioural Economics Master by Ogilvy Consulting

Behavioral Economics

Ogilvy Consulting
AGDA Professional Member
Australia Graphic Design Association

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