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Designing your exceptional life

If you’re curious about designing a remarkable life, focusing on your values and creating prosperity in all areas. I’m here to guide you.

I’ll help you gain clarity and confidence, giving you leadership tools and support on your journey.

We are evolving in a digital age, but we need to connect and collaborate in a physical world.

I’m here to lead you to being the best version of you.

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Minimum requirement: 3+ years of professional work with demonstrable experience, plus an open, curious mind.

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Design Layout and Fonts 101

Have your eyeballs ever been offended by the design layout and font choices?
You can’t scroll fast enough, click away or close the book?

Your choice of fonts and design layout can cause your dream clients to run, never to be seen again.

Or it can heighten their senses, pique their interest, and get them wanting more.

What would you prefer?

After this 3 hour, online workshop, you’ll understand:

Brand font, personality and history

How to make the right choices and send the “come hither” messages to your audience

Font and typography rules

How to layout your messaging for optimal readability and buyer action


Psychology of colour

Our brains respond to colour. They have their own language, which influences our mood and our perception of a brand.

You know the feeling when you see a colour combo that assaults your senses. You’re not buying what they’re selling because you’re moving on to colours more appealing to your eyes.

You can use your brand colours to tell your audience your story, before they’ve read a single word, or heard anything you’ve said.

After this 3 hour, online workshop, you’ll understand:

How colour choice affects brand perception

How to choose your brand colours to attract and delight your ideal clients


Customer Touch Points – Media isn’t just digital

Exploring your customer touch points. Empathy mapping and how you can take advantage of the the power of print.

In a world where humans are craving personal connection more than ever before, print media offers your audience the powerful sensory connection of touch. I love the feeling of reading a physical book: the way the paper feels, how it tickles my fingers when I turn the pages. I can almost crawl inside it.

This workshop will explore the power of print in branding, how it can add additional sensory experiences for your ideal customers and help you create a point of difference within the digital crowd.


  • Group coaching sessions, working bees, training and support documents included. 

  • One individual ‘hot seat’ 45 min session per person.

  • Maximum of 12 people per group. Join the waitlist. 

Price: To be confirmed


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Dare to lead training June 2020

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