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The Art & Science of Pricing for profit

Looking for help to optimize your pricing strategy and drive growth for your business?


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Perplexed by pricing?

Are you struggling to determine the right pricing for your products or services? 

I guide purpose-driven creative entrepreneurs and tech companies as thery negotiate the path of change and innovation when launching services or bring new products to the market. Do you find yourself avoiding conversations about money and worrying about the  what and when to discuss pricing with your clients? I can help. 

Perception is everything; Value and effort often win over price

Does your pricing work as hard as you do?

Knowing how to price products can be one of the trickiest parts of business.

I assist purpose-driven creative entrepreneurs and tech companies negotiate the path of change and innovation when launching themselves or their products to market.

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Love letters from my clients

I’m so much more confident in my brand, pricing and selling

Lisa really helped me get clear on what I needed to do in my business. I was struggling with my brand positioning, my pricing and getting people to take action on my landing page. Lisa provided strategic as well as hands-on advice plus gave me confidence with my branding, my pricing and working with my website.

I’ve paid other coaches but none of them told things Lisa did – my key takeaway was to speak to my audience and tell them what to do. Sounds simple but I never thought of it and no other “expert’ thought to mention it either.

Thank you so much, Lisa. I’m so much more confident in my brand, pricing and selling now.

Samantha Laidlaw

Owner, Femflix

Love letters from my clients

I enjoyed every bit

Lisa’s in-depth knowledge of pricing and positioning is phenomenal. During our first session, I had a whole new positive outlook on my business price structure including some actionable methods that could be implemented immediately.

Adam Carley

Creative Consultant, Touchskye Designs

Lisa knows her stuff

Branding – the business version of clothes, jumping ability and loudness – is vital if you want to stand out.

Lisa knows her stuff – from which fonts give the most impact, to the psychology behind typography and presentation in print and digital – and she puts it all across in such an accessible and fascinating way.

Gary Cooper

Word Surgeon and Consultant, Word Surgery, Occitanie, France

Behavioural Science // Visual Communication // Design Thinking

Don’t Let Pricing Confusion Hold Your Business Back

As a 28-year veteran in design and marketing, I’ve worked with large brands such as Sotheby’s, Toyota, and Penfold Wines, as well as smaller start-ups and newcomers. I’ve seen first hand the biggest errors my clients make when it comes to pricing, and I’m here to help you avoid those pitfalls.

My price optimisation coaching includes 1:1 coaching sessions, MP4 recording and transcriptions, and pre-work tasks to help you maximise the time we spend together. We’ll guide you through the ins and outs of pricing strategy, using the principles of design thinking, sales psychology, and behavioural science.

We’ll guide you to identify your value proposition, understand your target buyer personas, and optimise for retention and profitability. During our sessions, done with you sessions we’ll role play your offer to set you up for success.

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Master Behavioural Science, Advertising

Brene Brown Leadership Training

Ogilvy Behavioural Economics

Cannes Lions Behavioural Science Branding


We don’t value things; we value their meaning. What they ARE is determined by the Laws of Physics, but what they MEAN is determined by the laws of psychology.

Rory Sutherland

Behavioural Science // Creativity // PLAY

Do Life Different

A lifelong learner, maker and font nerd, I work at the intersections of behavioural neuroscience, creativity and design thinking to help my clients uncover and amplify the superpowers they have to create success in life and business.

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Book Recommendations

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