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Guiding entrepreneurs and creative minds to activate change and innovate

Using creative thinking, marketing and mindset, I collaborate with individuals and businesses, teaching them how to thrive in an ever-changing environment.


lisa galea coaching services.

Educate. innovate. Activate


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“Confident, engaging and affable speaker”

Kate Toon

lisa galea coaching services.

Educate. innovate. Activate


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Creativity is an innate human process that is essential to develop as it helps us adapt and thrive in our ever-changing environment. I believe it’s essential for us to embrace this ability to create and innovate. I aim to share the tools that I’ve used over my 28 years in the design industry to allow others to activate the changes they would like to see in their own lives and business. 

A life long geek, I get excited about the intersections of behavioural neuroscience and design. I focus on raising energy and giving value in all my workshops and talks. 

I share insights into how we can use the innate behaviours of our brain to achieve our own goals and influence the buying decisions of our customers. 

I speak and run workshops on creative thinking for innovation and activating change in your life. 


The Psychology of Branding

Change your Energy, to Change Your Life. 

Designing a Life You Love

Kind words

Lisa Galea is not only our design expert in the Digital Masterchefs but my go to human on branding, fonts, colour and general design psychology.

Kate Toon

CEO, Stay Tooned

Lisa is a burst of creative inspiration and big-picture thinking, yet her strategies are unique, actionable and results-driven. Lisa provides perspective and wise insight into what it takes to create a successful business and live abundantly. 

Daniela Rose

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Sydney

I love working with Lisa, I appreciate the time and effort she puts into helping the work we do to walk alongside the most vulnerable in our community.

Nicole Edwards

CEO, Founder, RizeUp Australia

The Choice is yours

You Are Marvellous

Join others as we share ideas and knowledge, a creative place where we will bend, break and blend existing beliefs and work patterns to create success in all areas of life.

Get exclusive news, updates and early access as I keep you updated on what's new in the world of creativity, the brain and the power of perception. 

Dare to lead training June 2020

Design Expert

Kate Toon's Digital Masterchefs
The Futur Educator on Print

Educator, Working with Print

The Futur, Chris Do
Australian Awards alumni Mentor

Australian Awards Alumni

Female Initiative Mentor in Business & Leadership
AGDA Professional Member

International Business Awards

AGDA Professional Member

STEM - F1 in Schools

Regional Judge SE QLD, Marketing & Branding
Dare to lead training June 2020

National Brand Manager

RizeUp Australia,
Behavioural Economics Master by Ogilvy Consulting

Behavioral Economics

Ogilvy Consulting
AGDA Professional Member
Australia Graphic Design Association

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