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If you’re a STEM innovator and looking a marketing road map…

If you’re a creative entrepreneur putting in the long hours for little reward…

If you’re a purpose-driven business looking to inspire others…

Get excited as you are in the right place.

Sick of going round and round in circles and never getting anywhere, if you’re ready to take a step in the right direction, send me a message and we can get started with a free 15-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.


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How can I help you?

Shift your thinking and we’ll solve big picture problems. It’s time for you to gain clarity so you can start making positive impacts on your business and life.

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Workshops & Retreats

The Futur Pro

Educate. innovate. Activate

Creativity catalyst for change

Through coaching, speaking and workshops that explore creative thinking, marketing and mindset, you’ll learn how to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

Using left brain logic and right brain revelry to create a whole of brain magic that has you moving forward in the right direction.

We’ll combine design and science to create a catalyst for change.

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Kind words

Lisa Galea is not only our design expert in the Digital Masterchefs but my go to human on branding, fonts colour and general design psychology.

Kate Toon, SEO Expert, Stay Tooned

Kate Toon

Lisa is a burst of creative inspiration and big-picture thinking, yet her strategies are unique, actionable and results-driven. Lisa provides perspective and wise insight into what it takes to create a successful business and live abundantly.

Business Owner, Sydney

Daniela Rose

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Sydney

Lisa knows her stuff – from which fonts give the most impact, to the psychology behind presentation in print and digital – and she puts it all across in such an accessible and fascinating way.

Business Owner, Sydney

Gary Cooper

Word Surgeon and Consultant, Word Surgery, France

Always Curious

Curious and looking for a place to thrive and connect with likeminded humans.

Get early access to what's new in the world of creativity, the brain and the power of perception.

Always be kind and curious,


Dare to lead training June 2020

Design Expert

Kate Toon's Digital Masterchefs
The Futur Educator on Print

Educator, Working with Print

The Futur, Chris Do
Australian Awards alumni Mentor

Australian Awards Alumni

Female Initiative Mentor in Business & Leadership
AGDA Professional Member

International Business Awards

AGDA Professional Member

STEM - F1 in Schools

Regional Judge SE QLD, Marketing & Branding
Dare to lead training June 2020

National Brand Manager

RizeUp Australia,
Behavioural Economics Master by Ogilvy Consulting

Behavioral Economics

Ogilvy Consulting
AGDA Professional Member
Australia Graphic Design Association

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