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I’m always eager to share how behavioural science and creativity can change lives.

I speak both locally and internationally via zoom and love to make new connections and raise the vibrations of others.

Lisa Galea speaking events

I’m no wallflower when it comes to speaking and love to surprise and delight my audience with information that can be immediately applied to create a catalyst for positive change with-in their own eco-systems.

By day I’m a curious creative and designer, entrepreneur and educator working in the shadows helping others to shine.

By night a queen of wonder who opens windows of perspective to allow people to look at self and see how truly wonderful they are. Raising their vibrations, filling them with love and the ability to see the wonder and indulge in the everyday diversity.

A life-long font nerd, I work at the intersections of behavioural neuroscience, creativity and design to help my clients uncover and amplify the superpowers they have, to create success in life and business.

I love to talk to you about your up-coming events and explore if we are the right fit to activate alchemy for both you and your audience. 


Speaking topics include:

  • Sharing tools I’ve used over my 30 years in the design and marketing industry, to build my own empire and activate alchemy in both life and business
  • Raising energy through thought changing behaviour
  • How we can use the innate behaviours of our brain to achieve our own goals and influence the buying decisions of our customers
  • Creative thinking for innovation and activating change in your life

Activate Alchemy


Podcast & Events


Non Fiction Brand with DP Knudten

Speaking all things branding with the charming DP Knudten: the creative, collaborative and provocative personal brand expert and author of NonFiction Brand

January 2021: Episode 127 – “We sent the customer… a carrier pigeon”


Non Fiction Brand with DP Knudten

Listen in for a ‘veteran’s perspective’ conversation about the core role of personal branding, and how it can actually work to convert satisfied clients into unpaid sales team members when you do it right, and keep it 100% aligned with who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

February 2021: Episode 128 – “If you don’t believe it, how the @#$% are you going to sell it?”


Recipe for SEO Success with Kate Toon

Sharing the power of science, brand psychology and building bulging bank accounts with Kate Toon on The Recipe for SEO Success Show.

July 2021: Episode “The Science Behind Brand Psychology”


International Conference

Mindset Reboot Workshop

The Creative Mindset Conference 

Mindset Reboot is the only virtual conference for creatives. This conference is focused on helping you Relearn, Reframe and Recharge in order to achieve a Mindset Reboot.

‘Live’ Workshop & Q&A:
Activate Alchemy – the Science & Psychology of Goal setting 

We have brought together professionals from around the world to help you reboot your mindset and achieve new breakthroughs mentally, emotionally,
and physically.

Chris Do
Jesse Showalter
Mo Ismail
Erik Korem
Sun Yi

Miranda Alcaraz
Dot Lung
Tina Walczak
Jo ChunYan
Anneli Hansson

James Martin
Reagan Mackrill
Anders Varner
Eric Chang
Diane Gibbs

Dale Castro
Wesley Anne Little
Lisa Galea
Martha Garza
Mario Quezada

Speaker at the Mindset Reboot Conference


Supporting Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Lisa Galea Digital Masterchef Expert

Design Expert

I’m so lucky to share ideas and collaborate with hundreds of entrepreneurs as the resident Creative Expert in Kate Toon’s private Digital Masterchefs Membership

Inside the membership I offer daily support to members of the group in all areas of behavioural science, influencing buyer behaviour, branding, creativity and design. And deliver Masterclasses to support members in their digital market journey:

March 2020: Why copywriters and designers should collaborate

Feb 2021 – Behavioural Science Workshop

The science behind brand psychology


Design Educator & Mentor

I’m a mentor and educator at the Futur Pro group offering support to the Australian and Pacific regions and I’d love to see you there.

The Futur Pro Group is a diverse community of creative entrepreneurs offering access to exclusive content, tools, and coaching to take your career or business to the next level.

You’ll also find me running my workshop: The power of print: media isn’t just digital inside the group (I love print as a branding medium – it’s not dead, it’s magical.)

The Power of Print workshop by Lisa Galea for The Futur


Female Mentoring


Australian Womens Alumni Mentoring Initiative

As a member of the Papua New Guinea Australia Alumni Association, I was chuffed to be selected as a mentor in the Women Alumni Mentoring Initiative. As part of the broader alumni network, this opportunity allowed me to mentor and facilitate workshops to help Papua New Guinea alumni grow their confidence in business and life.  It has been one of the most rewarding things in my life, and as I continue my serve, I receive so much more back than I feel I ever give.

Read more about activating change and building confidence for women alumni in Papua New Guinea.

Australian Government Boosting Female Founders

Boosting Female Founders Initiative Mentoring Panel

Providing expert mentoring and advice to meritorious applicants, to female founders of startup businesses (startups) to scale into domestic and global markets.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • stimulate private sector investments into innovative startups led by women
  • help women entrepreneurs overcome the disadvantages faced in getting access to finance and support to grow their startups
  • enable female founders to scale-up, expand into domestic and global markets, and become self-sufficient boost the economy through increasing the diversity of startup founders.

Movies Made By Women, Watched By The World

Lisa provided strategic as well as hands on advice and gave me confidence with my branding, my pricing and working with my website.

I’ve paid other coaches but none of them told things Lisa did – my key takeaway was to speak to my audience and tell them what to do. Sounds simple but I never thought of it and no other “expert’ thought to mention it either. Thank you so much, Lisa. I’m so much more confident in my brand, pricing and selling now.

Samantha Laidlaw

Founder, Femflix


Not just for business, for every human

I’m a serial entrepreneur, no doubt about it. But raising awareness of how we think, behave and grow together as diverse human beans, not only as business owners is at the core of my approach.

While I can’t touch every area of the community (my arms aren’t long enough) I spread my high vibes and energy in places producing real outcomes. The world needs more joy.

Believe in you ACTIVATE Alchemy

Brain Power, Mindset Matters

I believe in magic, some people call me a witch (I’m definitely a good witch, Lol) But I see it everyday.
I work with people crippled by imposter syndrome, anxiety and overwhelm and help them activate change, shift their mindset, and create strategies to make their businesses work for their life goals on their terms.
When you explore the wonder of your brain, how it works, how it responds (and how lazy it is) you’ll see how you can fundamentally change your life and business.

Take a leap of faith, be curious, believe in yourself and the wonder of what could be.

Because it can be.

Let me show you how.



The Stevies International Business Awards

Marketing and Creative Awards Judging Committee

Honoured to judge award submissions in the world’s most prestigious business awards in 2021 and 2022.
Created to recognize the contributions of professionals and businesses worldwide, The Stevie Awards are one of the world’s most sought after business awards.

2021 Award winners

Marketing & Creative Awards Judging Committee

PR/Communications & Publications


Branding & Marketing Regional Judge

My heart fills with joy to play a role in changing the perception of sciences, technology, engineering and math(STEM) in schools around the world.

The program brings “fun” to STEM and the world wide challenge allows schools to enter their STEM F1 initiative each year.

In my role as Regional Judge in the Branding and Marketing category of the Stem F1 in Schools Global Program, I have run workshops for the students to support them with industry knowledge and encourage them to think out of the box.

It’s my privilege to seeing the perception of STEM change in young children from 9 through 19.

It’s a beautiful thing.




Supporting families affect byDomestic violence

Rizeup Australia

For 5 years I’ve been supporting RizeUp Australia, an NGO helping families get back on their feet after domestic violence. I’m the National Brand Manager, creating campaigns, graphics and providing support in any way I can. Their work is incredible and my heart swells to make this contribution.

RizeUp drives awareness of domestic and family violence by generating life-changing, immediate response and practical support for the families affected, giving them the hope and empowerment to move on to a life free from violence.

Bringing communities together, facilitating volunteers, and making real, far reaching and practical contributions to these families.



Are you looking for an opportunity to get advice and guidance on creativity, branding, launching new products or behavioural science? I’m in Clubhouse on the regular, why not come and find me in one of my weekly rooms.

Check out @thelisagalea on Instagram for the schedule and weekly discussion topics, guaranteed to raise your vibrations and activate right-brain thinking.


The Design Problem


Mentoring 360 with Dr Lesley Petersen


Creative Change

Curiosity Essential

Curious and looking for a place to thrive and connect with like-minded humans.

Get exclusive news, updates and early access as I keep you updated on what’s new in the world of creativity, the brain and the power of perception.

Always be kind and curious,

Welcome to Lisa Galea home page, Lisa with happy running doodles, carrying buckets of love.


Dare to lead training June 2020

Design Expert

Kate Toon's Digital Masterchefs
The Futur Educator on Print

Educator, Working with Print

The Futur, Chris Do


Australian Awards alumni Mentor

Australian Awards Alumni

Female Initiative Mentor in Business & Leadership
AGDA Professional Member

International Business Awards

Marketing & Creative Awards Judging Committee

AGDA Professional Member

STEM - F1 in Schools

Regional Judge SE QLD, Marketing & Branding


Dare to lead training June 2020

National Brand Manager

RizeUp Australia


Behavioural Economics Master by Ogilvy Consulting

Behavioral Economics

Ogilvy Consulting

AGDA Professional Member

Professional Member

Australia Graphic Design Association


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