Love letters from my clients

“I came to Lisa with many ideas and beliefs and she helped me throw away what I don’t need and focus on who and what I truly am and what I want to say.”

Jae S, Entrepreneur


Behavioural Science // Creativity // PLAY

For me, she was a navigator…. helping me zoom out to see the big picture

Bo Green

Entrepreneur, @_bo_green

One to One // Coaching 

We’ve worked with Lisa for a long time now and she is head and shoulders the best branding expert I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

As you can imagine being a marketing agency, we’ve worked with a lot of graphic designers and “branding experts”, only to be let down and left flat by the results. Unfortunately its easy to brand yourself as an expert in this space but it’s a lot harder to deliver.

To this day I’ve not met anyone who has the ability to look at a business, understand that business, pull it apart from a design and a branding perspective and come up with a concept for a brand that just works for that marketplace.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Lisa. Lisa is the absolute go to.

Marcus Jovanovich

Owner, My Marketing Coach

One to one // Coaching // Pricing

She helped me build a structure that enabled the things that I wanted to do.

Alex Antolino

Creative Director, Alex Antolino

One to One // Coaching 

One to one // Coaching // Pricing

I’m so much more confident in my brand, pricing and selling

I enjoyed every bit

Lisa’s in-depth knowledge of pricing and positioning is phenomenal. During our first session, I had a whole new positive outlook on my business price structure including some actionable methods that could be implemented immediately.

Adam Carley

Creative Consultant, Touchskye Designs

Great value for money

Lisa, your service has always been excellent, your support and advice on branding and marketing during our 15 year business relationship has been invaluable.

For the level of professionalism and your creative talent, your service represents great value for money and I always feel positive with the end results.

I am always very pleased with her ideas and is inclusive in our corporate profile development.

James Emery

Owner, Emery Industries

We have always been good at manufacturing, and terrible at marketing. Lisa solves that issue. To us, Lisa is part of our team and with her guidance, we feel we are up to date with marketing and technology.

Paul Brennan

Owner, Fabmaker

One to one // Coaching // Pricing

I’m so much more confident in my brand, pricing and selling

“I’m so much more confident in my brand, pricing and selling

Lisa really helped me get clear on what I needed to do in my business. I was struggling with my brand positioning, my pricing and getting people to take action on my landing page. Lisa provided strategic as well as hands-on advice plus gave me confidence with my branding, my pricing and working with my website.

I’ve paid other coaches but none of them told things Lisa did – my key takeaway was to speak to my audience and tell them what to do. Sounds simple but I never thought of it and no other “expert’ thought to mention it either.

Thank you so much, Lisa. I’m so much more confident in my brand, pricing and selling now.”

Samantha Laidlaw

Owner, Femflix

“Gets their message out but also lets them see financial success

Lisa has helped me find my voice and get started on my personal brand journey, she inspired me so much by allowing me to see my full potential but you also gave me business and branding advice that allows me to better myself as a successful entrepreneur.

I would recommend any inspiring leaders out there who want to convey a message but unsure in the modern age with technology, marketing, and influencers.

I would recommend that person reach out to you because you would help them hone in on their message, allow them to develop a strategy that gets their message out but also lets them see financial success.

I came to you with many ideas and beliefs and you helped me throw away what I don’t need and focus on who and what I truly am and what I want to say.”

Jae Staten

Designer , Happie Marketing

Design expert // Workshops // Branding

She has run several excellent workshops for my memberships and is a confident, engaging and affable speaker.

“Lisa Galea is not only our design expert in the Digital Masterchefs but my go to human on branding, fonts, colour and general design psychology.

She goes beyond the pixels into deep customer insights and emotional design, while keeping a firm grasp on the technical implications of the designs she creates.

She has run several excellent workshops for my memberships and is a confident, engaging and affable speaker.

She also offers one on one brand strategy support to several of my peers and members.”

Kate Toon

CEO, Stay Tooned

Kate Toon
Lisa Galea Digital Masterchef Expert

I highly recommend her for all things graphicy!

Packaging // Branding // consulting

A burst of creative inspiration and big-picture thinking

“Having talented professionals such a Lisa Galea on hand to support and develop the vision and branding of the organisation has been integral to our success.

Lisa surpassed our expectations and delivers often dealing with 3 Agencys to organise campaign materials.

I love working with Lisa, I appreciate the time and effort she puts into helping the work we do to walk alongside the most vulnerable in our community. Lisa is a tremendous advocate and she has played a vital part in helping RizeUp shine a light for families to follow as they leave a life of violence behind.”

Nicole Edwards

CEO, Founder, RizeUp Australia

“Lisa’s contribution from small step implementation to execution and growth, will make the venture a success.

I recommend Lisa to entrepreneurs developing a product from start to finish. As an entrepreneur bringing a new concept to market, her advice on branding, pricing, packaging and initial production was invaluable to me.

Lisa is a visionary, inspirational leader and beautiful human being. As a mentor, she has opened me up to a world of extraordinary possibility when one intersects passion, purpose and business.

Lisa is a burst of creative inspiration and big-picture thinking, yet her strategies are unique, actionable and results-driven. Lisa provides perspective and wise insight into what it takes to create a successful business and live abundantly. She has given me practical ways to expand my mindset and propel my projects into new heights.

I am sure that whatever one’s product may be, Lisa’s contribution from small step implementation to execution and growth, will make the venture a success.”

Daniela Rose

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Sydney

Workshops // Branding // Behavioural Science

I can’t recommend Lisa Galea’s Science of Branding workshop highly enough

Just do this workshop – your business can’t afford for you not to.

Getting noticed in the digital ether these days is tough. It’s like jumping up and down in a crowd and screaming to the person trying to find you, “I’m here …” Your visibility depends on what you’re wearing, how high you jump, how loud you shout, what you say, your accent; and lots of other factors – Google does the electronic equivalent of that searcher when it scans the “crowd” for an answer to a search query.

Branding – the business version of clothes, jumping ability and loudness – is vital if you want to stand out.

That’s why I can’t recommend Lisa Galea’s Science of Branding workshop highly enough.

Lisa knows her stuff – from which fonts give the most impact, to the psychology behind typography and presentation in print and digital – and she puts it all across in such an accessible and fascinating way. Get drawn into the hidden world of brand sense, helvetica and smell – I even learned how to look more intelligent by altering the font I write in.”

Just do this workshop – your business can’t afford for you not to.

The Art & Science Of Branding
Gary Cooper

Word Surgeon and Consultant, Word Surgery, Occitanie, France

Amazing to learn from her

Lisa’s knowledge has no end and she shares it all willingly in an easy to digest manner.

It’s amazing to learn from her and see her connect all the little pieces to make a grand branding puzzle that you’d be proud of. She’s meticulous and brings her creativity to the way she teaches.”

Anuradha Sawhney

Designer & Owner, Bidiliia - Elegant. Ethical. Jewellery.

Confident and in control

My fear of printing and anxiety of what can go wrong has limited my design and creative decisions.

This workshop was so helpful! Lisa’s information and tools have helped me to be more confident and in control with my projects.

Layan Ibrahim

Designer, Saudi Arabia, Layan Ibrahim

I feel more confident with print

I enjoyed the “Working with Print Workshop” so much. Lisa transmitted professionalism and know-how throughout the presentation that was full of quality content and was easy to understand by all of us.

We were given the opportunity to ask all types of questions that she comfortably answered. After the workshop I feel more confident with print work and excited about implementing more of it in my business.

Natalia Vicencio

Brand & Packaging Design, Sydney, Design for Thought

I enjoyed every bit

I took this workshop to sharpen up my print production skills and to learn how to properly deliver files for print without being worried about the finished product. I was so happy with the content of the workshop, the resources and advice on how to guide clients through the process and how to really make impact with your client work.

I am a print lover at heart so I enjoyed every bit of geeking out about paper, textures, and finishes, and different print process and technique. We need more most especially from Lisa and industry experts like her.

Habibat Ore

Brand Identity Designer, Toronto

“Never forget! You can design, create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make a dream a reality.”

Walt Disney

For over 30 years, Lisa has honed her craft in advertising and design, drawing on principles of behavioural science, visual communication, and consumer psychology to empower others to celebrate their value and build self-confidence.

Scouts Queensland
Scouts Queensland


“She gave me wonderful insights into how judges would view each submission

I reached out to Lisa for guidance on how to present my architecture thesis presentation. It was being reviewed by a panel of judges. Lisa gave me advice around what the judges would be looking for in my presentation and provided advice on what I ought to prioritize in the presentation.

Initially, I was a little concerned her advice may be the usual cliches. However, when we started discussing the design parameters, she began to mentor me on how the story should align with the perspectives and other architectural drawings. She also reminded me to imagine the actual paper size because what we see on our screens may deceive us. She gave me wonderful insights into how judges would view each submission, which allowed me to think in new boxes, also advising me to give a brief description of my drawings to help the audience understand what the project was.

Lisa is such a knowledgeable woman, I was intimidated when I first met her, but as soon as she asked me questions, I was able to gain clarity on my goals. I was overwhelmed by the abundance of research/ drawings that I had and didn’t know which to use. Lisa’s guidance still influences my architecture design decisions.

Lisa showed me the power of innovating and activating my creativity to reach the next level.”

Karlson Spencer Ty

Architecture Graduate, Manila, Philippines, @karlson_mellow_ty

Finding someone who is both a web developer and graphic designer has been fantastic. Lisa brought an ability to create a great looking, on brand website, while staying focused on functionality and conversion.

She took on board my design ideas and requirements but also made additional recommendations that I would not have considered with my limited knowledge.

Louise Duggan

Owner, Cake 2 the Rescue

Lisa explains in simple terms that even I can understand. I have not had to worry about anything, as Burning Love has organised everything for me with the greatest of ease.

I now have a Website and Facebook account and people actually get in contact through us on there which I never thought would happen.

Julia Schaefer

Owner, Smart Style Fashion

I have worked with graphic designers within some of the world’s greatest advertising agencies and would rate Lisa in the top tier. Her creative solutions and design flare are world class.

I have worked on numerous projects over the years with Lisa and she amazes me every time. If you looking for cutting edge creative solutions then you will find that within Lisa & her team.

David Meo

Creative Director, Meo Consulting

Lisa and her team were fabulous at pulling together a new online look for our business. She set us up on a website we could edit ourselves and was always available to help us when we needed a little extra care.
Jessica Turnbull

Tradeshow Strategist, The Exhibit Company